Art for children in need!


Priority targets of the "St. St. Constantine and Helena" Foundation are:
- organization, participation and support of all kinds of activities in the field of art and science associated with raising funds for disadvantaged children;
- assisting socially disadvantaged, disabled and persons needing care;
- promoting social integration and personal development of disadvantaged children;
- establishing a dialogue with the municipal and the state authorities aiming to solve local and national problems, concerning the care of disadvantaged children;
- building a suitable environment for a healthy lifestyle through education, communication services and treatment;
- introducing a new methods of teaching and learning and applying new information technologies;
- providing legal, financial, health and social support by relevant specialists for disadvantaged children;
- implementation of scientific exchange programs and support of gifted children;
- support and participation in research and scientific events; development and strengthening of spiritual values, civil society, health, education, science, culture, technology, physical education, human rights and the environment.

The funds will be contributed by:
- organization of exhibitions, art events, competitions, shows, concerts, charity events;
- trading works of art, as the proceeds are used to realise the aims of the Foundation;
- supporting the establishment and the funding of training, treatment and rehabilitation centres for disadvantaged children.