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Workshop - Sculpture Competition

I-st-Pleinar Competition stone sculpture "Touch of Nature" will be held from 4 to 21 May in resort St. St. Constantine and Helena. Organizer of cultural event is the Foundation "St. St. Constantine and Helena " with the support of the Municipality of Varna. Participants in the sculptural symposium will be determined after competition. Admission of documents starts from April 9 and will end on April 26. Applicants need to present sculptural projects that interpret the theme of the relationship between the sea, the earth, nature and people. Accepted artists will make their works from rousse stone. The mission of the art event is to highlight the diversity of styles and trends in contemporary sculpture, to show new ideas in the development of the genre, to present to the bulgarian audience and guests from abroad talented young sculptors, and already established names in this type of Fine Arts. The new sculptures will enrich the aesthetic landscape of the resort St. St. Constantine and Helena and will continue over a 100-year tradition - the expansion of green space in the complex not only with new trees and vegetation, but also with modern works of art for the park environment. The seminar provides ancillary program, which includes an exhibition of high school students and university students sculptural models, sketches or drawings, and sculpture workshop from eco materials. The idea of the organizers is through additional initiatives to offer younger artists formal training in sculpture, which take place outside schools and art studios. Students will have the opportunity to establish direct contacts with the participants in the planer, to draw from their experience to be observers of the entire creative process necessary for turning the stone into a work of art. Volunteers will participate in the pleinar - youths from homes for children deprived of parental care "Drugarche" and "Princess Nadezhda ". They will have the opportunity to go beyond their usual daily environment , to communicate with people from the creative community, to join in the process of organizing the events. They will also be able to gain more knowledge and skills with artistic direction and also to develop their dexterity , imagination and creativity. The seminar will end with an exhibition of finished sculptures , which will coincide with the opening of the tourist season in the resort St. St . Constantine and Helena on May 21st.