Art for children in need!

Christmas Festivities for children in need

Christmas Festivities for children in need


This year as well, St.  St.  Constantine and Helena Foundation continued the wonderful tradition to schedule Christmas and New Year festivities, to the joy of children from the homes Drugarche and Knyaginya Nadezhda in Varna and the special boarding school St. St. Cyril and Methodius in the village of Krivnya. 

The festive party for the children from the home Knyaginya Nadezhda took place in Retro Club on December 16 and had a lot of surprises and fun for the boys and girls from the home.

To the children from the special boarding school in the village of Krivnya, the good old man gave warm winter jackets, running shoes, sports outfits and apparel necessary to ensure the personal comfort of the 45 children at the boarding school.

On December 17, Santa Claus was a special guest at the festive celebration of children from the home Drugarche. The Foundation organised for them a puppet show at Shturche (Grasshopper) Theater with a large Christmas cake, the traditional banitsa with lucky charms and a lot of other sweet surprises. 

This year around, the initiative of St. St. Constantine and Helena Foundation was supported by Quadrant Beverages AD - Pepsi Bulgaria.