Art for children in need!

Scholarship programme “Arts”

In unison with the artist focus of the charity activity of St. St. Constantine and Helena Foundation, on the day of St. Luca the newly-established programme Arts was launched for the academic year 2014/2015.

St. St. Constantine and Helena Foundation is on the lookout for two new applicants during the third edition of its scholarship programme for academic year 2014/2015.  The Foundation announced its Arts Programme whose goal is to support the implementation of specific student projects – an exhibition, spectacle, concert, film, animation, song recording, land art, video, performance, etc.

We wish to encourage the talent and creativity of young people studying art by lending them a hand for their proprietary ideas. The quotas of programme Arts for the academic year 2014/2015 are two annual scholarships, each of which is valued at BGN 3000. The first one is for a project in the area of “Performing Arts” which can be a creative idea related to theatre, opera, ballet, dance, cinema, animation, music or scenography. The second scholarship will support a design in the sphere “Fine and Applied Arts”. Students who want to bring to life their ideas related to fine arts, graphic arts, sculpture, photography, ceramics, wood carving, art textile, metal-filled plastic, silicate shapes or art on glass can apply.  

The projects shall be rated with a competition. The deadline for application shall be 31 December 2014. Students trained full-time, part-time or remotely on any of the Bachelor of Arts or Master's programmes in art in Bulgaria's higher education institutions accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science can apply in the competition.

Each applicant can participate in programme Arts with a single creative project. The winners will be known in mid-March 2015 and they will be able to implement their creative idea within 1 year from scholarship receipt.