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Scholarship Program in "Tourism"

After the start of the joint scholarship programme of St. St. Constantine and Helena Foundation and Pension Insurance Shareholding Company CCB Sila AD, St. St. Constantine and Helena Holding AD and St. St. Constantine and Helena Foundation announce a competition for scholarship grantees for the academic year 2014–2015 in the area Tourism.

The main idea of this programme is to support students which, in our opinion, must meet certain social criteria as well as such who have showed desire and ambition with an excellent academic proficiency.

1.       Criteria for application under the scholarship programme:

Entitled to scholarship under the scholarship programme are regular students studying for a Bachelor's Degree in all higher education institutions in the Republic of Bulgaria created in compliance with the Higher Education Act and who have completed at least one semester of their higher education with minimum GPA: Excellent 5.50 and studying in the Tourism area.

Advantages during rating:

Socially disadvantaged students, including children with special social or health status, i.e.:

- children in institutional care;

- children from socially disadvantaged families whose monthly income is below BGN 240 per family member;

- orphans and half-orphans;  

- children with disabilities;

- children with special educational needs (disabled children).

2.       Periodicity:

The scholarship shall be extended for a semester, i.e. twice a year.

3.   Quota under the scholarship programme: two students for each semester of the academic year, i.e. 4 students a year.

4.    Size per 1 scholarship: BGN 1500 allocated into 5 equal monthly installments of BGN 300 each. 

5.       Naming the scholarship grantees:

A commission comprising representatives of St. St. Constantine and Helena Holding AD, St. St. Constantine and Helena Foundation and representative(s) of the academic circles reviews the applications and names the beneficiaries based on the following criteria:

 – GPA from the previous semester.  Minimum required GPA: Excellent 5.50;

- social status of the scholarship applicants.  

- students who must study in the area of tourism

6. Term for filing applications: by 15.07.2014

7.  Necessary application documents:

- Application form for the scholarship programme (as per sample)

- Cover letter

- Academic reference or certificate from the university for GPA from the previous semester (winter semester for the academic 2013/2014), form of education and specialty.

- A document certifying the social and health condition of the applicant (when specifying the relevant advantages in the application form)

The application kit will be submitted as a hard copy on site in the St. St. Constantine and Helena Foundation (Administrative building, office 207, St. St. Constantine and Helena resort, Varna 9006) or by sending via mail or a courier.

Submitting the documents is mandatory both for the new applicants and for former and existing scholarship grantees who apply again for a subsequent semester.

8. Term for applications review: 15.07 – 31.07.2014

9. Beneficiaries shall be declared (in person and in public): by 15.08.2014.

10. Payment of scholarships:

-   St. St. Constantine and Helena Foundation, in accordance with contracts signed with scholarship grantees, shall pay the sum in 5 equal monthly installments of BGN 300 each to the account of scholarship grantees by the 10th of the following months: September, October, November, December, January.