Art for children in need!

Contest for a fairy tale with topic “My Fairy Tale About Goodness"

Contest for a fairy tale on topis “My Fairy Tale About Goodness”

on the occasion of 2 April – International Children's Book Day and birthday of Hans Christian Andersen

2 April – 19 May 2013

Organiser: St. charity martenitsa sales campaign.

Age group: The contest is open to pupils of Grades IV to VII (inclusive) studying in Varna-based schools.

Deadline and stages of the contest:

2 April – 6 May 2013 – writing and submission of fairy tales. 

7 May – 15 May 2014 – evaluation by a jury

19 May 2013, Graffit Gallery – award of winners in the contest for a fairy tale and children's party.

Fairy tales must be sent by 6 May 2013 (Monday) to the following address:

Label: The following must be written down before the title of each fairy tale: full name, age and grade of the child, school, e-mail (of the child or parent) and contact phone.

Awards: The fairy tales ranked in the top three places will be published in Cherno More newspaper. There will also be many awards.  

Assignment for the fairy tale writing contest:

Dear young fairy tale tellers,

what is goodness, in your opinion?  Tell us your fairy tale about goodness, how it will change the world.  Show us goodness... goodness around us and goodness within us!