Art for children in need!

Еsthetic education workshop

The Sts. Constantine and Helena Foundation launched today its new project: “Aesthetic Education Workshop” which is being implemented by children of home Drugarche. The programme aims to develop aesthetic criteria, extend the knowledge and skills of socially disadvantaged children in various types of arts which would helps them express themselves without restraint, exhibit a more self-assertive behaviour, develop communicative skills and confidence. Partner in the noble cause of the Foundation is Mrs. Vania Markova, manager of Gallery Art Marconi. Children will change their social environment and will be able to communicate with various professors which will have a favourable impact on their socialisation and communicative skills.

Our goal is, via the language of art which is the shortest way to the heart, to make children part of the world we live in; by feeling the magic of the various muses, each child can get in touch with the art it would love to develop in future. We believe that children will gradually reveal their talents in various fields of art and we will exert effort for eminent talents to obtain the opportunity to develop.

During the twenty-eight topics, children will learn:

• How music draws images through various musical instruments and songs, with the help of a musical teacher;

• About the power of words, theatre, puppets, pantomime for recreating images and events;

• About the language of dance – standard, Latin, folklore dances and rituals; 

• Journalist Daniela Stoinova joins at her initiative in the topic “Radio – An Opportunity for Remote Airing of Images and Events”. 

• Drawing – the language of colours, possibilities of various drawing techniques and materials, practical exercises – drawing on textile, preparation of puppets for a puppet show;

• The language of etiquette – adaptation to the world we live in and which we want to accept us includes the following topics: the art to welcome guests and be a guest – preparation and decoration of sandwiches, serving; the art of think up, create and pack presents; how is a party organised: preparation of carnival costumes, masks, fun games; 

• Children will learn in an interesting and fun way the language of architecture and interior. 

The first workshop – featuring Pantomime – 

The Sts. Constantine and Helena Foundation is ready, in case a child is interested and if an individual anchor teacher points to the qualities of a certain child, to assist in the development of the socially disadvantaged children in the art of their choice. 

The Sts. Constantine and Helena Foundation expresses gratitude to all donors of Charity Campaign 2011 which made the implementation of this programme possible.