Art for children in need!

Campaign for collecting books for the Bessarabian Bulgarians


The entire collection of art works will be made  

available by the foundation the Taraklia Cultural  

Center, to be used and benefit our compatriots in

Moldova, thereby maintaining, developing and

enriching the Bulgarian spirit and culture there.

Bulgarian fellowship "Patriot" in Moldova republic in

return send to our country more books and textbooks

in Bulgarian, so that the children will not lose contact

with the Bulgarian mentality, culture and language.

The campaign also includes the foundation "St.St.

Constantine and Helena."


The Bulgarians in Moldova value very much their

native folklore. Special guests of the resort St. St.

Constantine and Elena are musicians and dancers of

the professional folklore ensemble of the

Bessarabian Bulgarians "Patriotism" from Taraklia,

with artistic director Ivan Karai. The repertoire of the

32-member composition contain only from Bulgarian

folklore - music and dancing. There was a an

exceptional interest of the concert for the guests of

hotel Gloria, Geology, Astaire and azaleas.


The event was possible by the active support of the

Bulgarian company "Patriot" in Moldova, with

President George Arikov, Varna Municipality and the

Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

City Taraclia is "capital" of the the Bessarabian

Bulgarians in Moldovawho account for about 100 000

people and are concentrated mainly in this region of

the former Soviet republic. 14 000 out of 20 000 of

the city population are Bulgarians. It is twinned with

Aksakovo, Varna area.

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