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IV Stone Sculpture Plein “Air Touch The Nature - Sea Stories”


The 4th Stone Sculpture Plein “Air Touch The Nature” is international with the participation of artists from Macedonia, Ukraine and Bulgaria. In the current edition, 5 new works of Rousse limestone will be realized.


Atanas Atanasoski (Macedonia) – project “On The Horizon”


Atanas Atanasoski has a PhD in Fresco and Sculpture from the University of Skopje "St. St. Cyril and Methodius", as well as more than 40 realized exhibitions and symposiums - in New York, Vienna, Abu Dhabi, London and more. In his composition the sculptor will present the love between the sea and the sky, there - on the horizon where they meet and touch. Sometimes their love is quiet and peaceful, but sometimes it is stormy and burning.



Kiril Georgiev (Bulgaria) – project “The Wave – the Love Between the Wind and the Water”


Kiril Georgiev participated for the third time in the “Air Touch The Nature” plein. In this year's edition, he will recreate the love game between the wind and the water. On one side is the wind - strong, compelling and rebellious, which causes the tenderness, finesse and grace of water. The game between them gives birth to the wave - that is the water in the wind and the wind in the water. Kiril Georgiev has participated in dozens of exhibitions, symposiums and projects, both in Bulgaria and abroad. In 2016 he graduated from the University of Veliko Tarnovo "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" with a master's degree in Sculpture.



Milen Vasilev (Bulgaria) – project “Sea Wave”


Milen Vassilev participates with the project "Sea Wave" - it can not be framed or boxed, can not follow symmetry or rules, it is incomprehensible and indomitable. The sculptor has numerous projects and awards, as well as private collections and galleries in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Argentina, Russia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain, Lithuania.



Nikolay Yotov (Bulgaria) – project “Infinite Sea Vast”


Nikolay Yotov has participated in all the editions of the plain. So far he realized the works "Stone", "Figure" and "Natura". The idea of endless and vast ocean width is the main concept in his project. Over the past 17 years, he has been active participant in nearly 30 sculpture plains.


Yuri Misko (Ukrain) – project “The Wave”


Yuri Misko has more than 30 years of professional career. Behind him he has numerous awards, exhibitions, symposiums, his works are owned by private collections and galleries. He will rewrite the story of the wave because every droplet has witnessed many stories, even miracles. The wave has no eyes, but she may have seen much more than us, the humans, and she knows that where love is, there is no sin.


The plein will be held until 23 May 2018. Then the finished works will complement the collection of sculptures in the resort.

The 4th Stone Sculpture Plein “Air Touch The Nature” is organized by St. St. Constantine and Helena Foundation, with the support of Skalni materiali AD, Rousse - the company donated the necessary stone for the sculptures and with the cooperation of Varna Municipality.