Art for children in need!

Two projects in the field of Arts will be accomplished with funding by the joint program of Foundation St.St. Constantine and Helena and Quadrant Beverages JSC

Two projects are chosen and will be financed by the Art scholarship program of St.St. Constantine and Helena Foundation for edition 2016/2017, thanks to the partnership and financial support of Quadrant Bevrages JSC - the official bottler of PepsiCo (Pepsi, Mirinda, 7UP, Evervess, Gatorade) and one of the most popular and best seling juices in Bulgaria Prisun.

The two participants, whose projects are awarded in the present second edition of the scholarship program ‘’Arts”, are allocated with the allowance of 3000BGN and will have one year to accomplish their projects are:

The student from the New Bulgarian University Veselina Najdenova Gekova, for the project EDEN- a light installation with blown glass shapes. The symbols of the snake, the light of awakening and the garden of opulence, will be presented by three glass models, illuminated from the inside. These models will be made in three different locations- in one of the atelier of the New Bulgarian University, in the factory for blown glass in the town of Svetla upon Sazava- Czech Republic, and the glass factory in the town of Beloslav, Varna region.

For the project “The found island” will be supported the student from the Faculty of Fine Arts of The Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in the city of Plovdiv, Antonya Mihajlova Fingarova. The exhibition The found island is connected with the assumption of Sergio Frau, that the sunken island Atlantis is the present Sardinia, Italy. The exhibition is a debut for the author and will include series of landscape paintings created by mixed art techniques, inspired by the beautiful Mediterranean nature of Sardinia island. The project aims to build a bridge between the two cultures, attracting teachers and students from Italy to visit Bulgaria.

Fifteen student projects applied for scholarships from the program “Arts” for the year 2016/2017. They were by students from: National Academy of Art, University of Veliko Tarnovo St.St. Cyril and Metodius, South West University, New Bulgarian University, National Academy for Teather and Film Arts, The Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts. The scholarships were assigned by a jury represented by academics of three higher education institutions- The Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts Plovdiv, New Bulgarian University, National Academy for Teather and Film Arts as well as members of the Managing Committee of St. St. Constantine and Helena Foundation and representatives by Quadrant Bevrages JSC.

Some of the selection criteria included: detailed description of the project by stages of accomplishment, motivation and engagement of the participant to the idea of the project, which will be presented, as well as the budget frame for its the accomplishment.

The purpose of the Art scholarship program is to stimulate the work and creativity of young artists, to motivate them to be active and achieve their ideas, to give them an opportunity to perform their projects just at the beginning of their career, as in the first edition of the program, where two projects by students from National Academy for Teather and Film Arts  and National Academy of Art - pantomime and painting exhibition, were successfully implemented.

We thank all the students for their participation and we wish them always to be motivated, active and imaginative in their work and continue their development with a passion for reaching new horizons.