Art for children in need!

Kids holiday festival organized in Varna by the Foundation "St. St. Constantine and Helena", greatly supported by PRISUN.


Kids Day has been organized  in Varna by the Foundation "St. St.

Constantine and Helena" in the honor of International Children's

Day. The event took place in two parts and has been held by the

exceptional support of PRISUN juices and nectars. The celebration

began at 10.30 am on the 1st June in the yard of "Drugarche" -

home for children deprived of parental care in Varna. It was

attended by kids from the home who were aged from 3 to 6

years, their peers from the center of family type, were special

guests will be as well as students from "Princess Nadezhda" 

another home for children deprived of parental care. One hour

and a half in the yard of "General Kolev" 90 there was a party with

clowns, many competitions, music, games, and “tattoos” with

harmless paint. For all participants have been provided prizes -

balls, hoops, badminton, buckets and sand molds. The fun ended

with ice cream treats, fruits, sweets, and of course - juices and

nectars PRISUN.


Later the same day - at 17.30 pm. in the playground of Rappongi

(II-nd quay on the beach), the celebration continued for all the

children in Varna with a special balloon party. It was loud,

surprisingly highly entertaining - with lots of juice, games and

prizes. Children's playground has become a "desert island", and

all participating children were "surviving"" of the tests, searching

the treasures and were chasing balloons "monsters."

In order for the holiday to be complete, guests at the party were

20 children from Children's Complex "Faith, Hope and Love",

Kichevo who actively participated in the competitions.

The initiative of the "St. St. Constantine and Helena" was

organized to bring joy to all children who were in Varna and

especially to continue the mission - that is not enough just to

improve living conditions in which children were living in their

shared-homes, but give away festivals, strong positive spirit and

bright horizons. All that will help their future society integration

and development. In all is believed by the Foundation and its



"PRISUN" engaged long term with the children deprived of

parental care. We have a tradition of organizing kids festivities,

so that we supported the Foundation "St. St. Constantine and

Helena" in conducting the event. With this initiative we want to

bring joy and festive spirit in the hearts of all children of Varna,

regardless of whether they were brought by their parents, or by

teachers in social houses.


"We aim to show our youngest citizens that the children deprived

of parental care as same as them, they are able to communicate,

play together and one day will be part of the same society" - said

Branimira Todorova, administrator, marketing manager Quadrant