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The new scholarship students of the Sts. Constantine and Helena Foundation are ambitious and highly motivated to succeed in their professions


Ambition for a successful professional career, desire to develop high competence, strong motivation to achieve excellence and faith in their own powers and abilities - so generally describe the new scholarship students that was chosen to win grants for their university education by Sts. Constantine and Helena Foundation for the winter semester of 2016/2017 Academy year.


Elka Genova from the Agricultural University - Plovdiv and 

Vassilena Pancheva of the College of Tourism - Varna are students that won scholarship program Tourism.


Said Janan of the National Sports Academy and

Petar Petrov from the Medical University - Sofia is the new scholarship students of the Health by SPA programme.


The four students were identified among more tham 50 candidates from 18 bulgarian universities and colleges.