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Winners of the drawing contest Stories of my Books

Jury Svetlin Nenov, Arch. Katherine Papoyan and Dian Dimitrov defined the following prizes in the drawing contest "Stories of my books" - an initiative of the Sts. Constantine and Helena Foundation and Graffit Gallerye:

Age category 7-10 years


1st place - Atanas Atanasov Borisov, 10 y.

2nd place - Eileen Alieva Karamanova, 10 y.

3rd place - Gabriela Galinova Atanasova, 8 y.

Incentive prizes are awarded

Darina Valentinova Miltcheva, 8 y.

Daniel Vassilev Gandev, 9 y.

Paola Morandi, 10 y.


Age category 11-14 years


1st place - Juliana Magdalena Krasteva, 12 y.

2nd place - Elitsa Stanislavova, 11 y.

3rd place - Irina Markova Veselinova, 13 y.

Incentive prizes are awarded

Leda Nedelcheva, 11 y.

Maria Miteva, 12 y.

Jolien Struncheva, 10 y.

Elena Mazneva, 14 y.


Age category 15-18 years


1st place - Adelina Vulcheva, 15 y.

2nd place - Jordan Milkov Hadjistoychev, 17 y.

3rd place - not awarded

Encouraging prize not awarded


Age category over 18 years


1st place - Victoria Hristova, 26 y.

2nd place - Svetlin Trendafilov

3rd place - Vesselina Dambova 42 y.

Encouraging prize not awarded


Age category up to 7 years


Incentive prizes are awarded

Stella Mladenova - 6d.

Eren Nedzhledin Ali - 6d.


All winning works will participate in the exhibition at Graffit Gallery on 06.06.2016 at 18 o'clock.