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Traditionally "St. St Constantine and Helena" celebrates Earth’s day on the 22nd April

Following a special tradition the "St. St Constantine and Helena" Resort celebrates Earth's day on 22nd April. For second time students from "Chernorizets Hrabar" Secondary School in Varna were guests of the Resort and helped cleaning the park of "St. St Constantine and Helena". They have a long experience with eco initiatives. They have won numerous eco projects; one of them is "The Open air classroom", financed by the program MARTA and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Holland; other one is the initiative "Darwin" of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) of the UK.
For a first time children from the orphanage "Knqginq Nadejda" in Varna and the Centre for family-type accommodation "Viara, Nadejda i Lubov" in Kichevo participated in the event. They took part in the Earth’s day activities as members of the "Friends" Club, an initiative of the social association "St. Andrew", whose member is the "St. St Constantine and Helena" Foundation.
On Saturday - 24th April, students from "Kiril and Methodiy" Secondary school will plant trees together with their parents.
The "Green Fund" aims to protect and enrich the parks in the resort. The main purpose of "St. St Constantine and Helena" JSC is to incorporate young people to the idea of a cleaner and healthier environment, and of protecting and renewing the green treasure of the first Bulgarian seaside resort, which celebrated its 100 anniversary in 2008.

Ученици от ОУ "Черноризец Храбър"

Възпитаници на Дом за деца, лишени от родителски грижи "Княгиня Надежда" - гр. Варна

Деца от Център за настаняване от семеен тип „Вяра, Надежда и Любов" - с. Кичево